Is Afghanistan Heading For Collapse?

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates spent time over the past few days warning Europe and the President of Afghanistan about issues which might lead to what he termed an “implosion” in that nation. He urged President Karzai to void the death sentence imposed on Pervez Kambaksh, the 23 year-old journalist who was punished for downloading a story on the Internet although evidence suggest he had angered local warlords over his investigation into their corruption. “There should be understanding from our Afghan friends that we have great difficulty accpeting a deah sentence for a young man” for downloading a story said the American official.

Gates blasted NATO for not doing enough in Afghanistan and termed the situation critical. The incident of the journalist and the lack of enthusiasm in Europe may be linked. After nearly seven years of fighting to eliminate the backward thinking Taliban a medieval minded group of Afghans are doing the exact same thing as the Taliban. Europeans are disgusted with the lack of progress in creating a democratic nation. They know major reason for the current situation in Afghanistan stems from diverting resources to the crazy invasion of Iraq. When will Gates blast Bush for creating the problems in Afghanistan?