Is Al-Qaeda Changing Tactics?

A high al-Qaeda official asked the Taliban to kidnap foreign civilians in Afghanistan in order to force American and NATO forces to negotiate exchanges. Leah Farrel who works for the Australian police came across documents on the Internet including, “The US Soldier in Afghanistan-the first step for the release of all prisoners of war on terror.” Al-Aqeda adviser, Mustafa Hamid, who who is connected to the document does not wish hostages to be killed since the object is exchange of prisoners. In fact, he also urges using the dead bodies of American soldiers and pretending they are still alive in order to further the prisoner exchange program.

However, according to Australia’s Ambassador for Counter-Terrorism, Bill Patterson, there is evidence of a growing rift between the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Many members of the Taliban regard al-Qaeda forces as composed of foreigners and do no wish to work with them.