Is Al-Sadr A Sleeping Time Bomb In Iraq?

In an editorial in Azzaman, the newspaper raises questions as to whether the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has the potential of being a sleeping time bomb who could explode at any moment and help to destabilize Iraq. Although, the newspaper admits “some semblance of quiet has returned to violent areas where Sunni Arabs form the majority,” al-Sadr supporters are still capable of joining terrorist groups. Azzaman’s editor charges al-Sadr is lying low and waiting for the right moment to challenge the Shiite government which currently governs the nation. “The Sadrists… have not used all their ‘military potential’ and militarily the U.S. and the Iraqi government will have to think twice before waging a full-scale war to disarm them.”

Many analysts believe an American attack on Iran would result in an all-out effort by al-Sadr forces to protect their fellow Muslim nation. The editor emphasizes, “Iraqi resistance groups, the Sadrists, other militias, the sleeping Iranian cells in Iraq and the might of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards will practically hold U.S. troops at gunpoint.” This potentiality should not be ignored in considering policy toward Iran.