Is America An Exceptional Nation?

It has become necessary for any candidate in the Republican Party to go into rapture about the exceptional qualities of the United States. If one does not proclaim in loud and vigorous terms that the USA is an “EXCEPTIONAL NATION” than kiss your chances goodby to become a Republican candidate for anything. Of course, each and every nation has qualities of being “exceptional” so the expression is not merely confined to the American people. But, when Americans use the expression it signifies we are more intelligent, wiser, more decent, and our government is unsurpassed in the world. Well, let’s look at the record:

1. We rank among the top five nations in killing people convicted of crimes.

2. We used to be Number One in life expectancy, but now are about 25.

3. We have the best health care system in the world. At least for those with money.

4. We used to have the highest percentage of young people attending college, but now have fallen behind other nations.

5. We actually believe idiots like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are viable national leaders. Enough said!

6. Our education system leaves something to be improved. Enough said.

7. Our students who rank below other students in the world actually believe they are number one in the world.

8. We have a dysfunctional government which can not come up with any long term plans.

9. We are currently engaged in two wars. Yes, we are exceptional.

10. Oh, we are among the top three nations in having people in jail

Isn’t it wonderful to live in an exceptional nation??