Is America An “Exceptional” Nation?

These days in Missouri I can not turn on the TV without seeing a political ad by some Republican candidate who proclaims that America is an “exceptional nation” and thus the entire world should be thankful we exist. Tea Party folk rant about how America “saved the world” during World War II and Europeans simply do not feel thankful enough that, if not for the USA, Nazis would run the world. Of course, since knowledge of history to Tea Party followers is like Lindsay Lohan’s knowledge of being sober, they lack knowledge that during WWII, at ALL times, the Russian army confronted 70% of German soldiers. Minor point, but are we Americans the exceptional nation of the world? There is a basis for making such claims. We are among the few nations of the world that has people running for Congress who dabble in witchcraft. We are among the few nations of the world who have candidates arguing for an end to social security, minimum wage laws, work safety rules, and ending the income tax. If you lack money, head for your local church. If none has food to feed you, head for your local mosque, Muslims are good at feeding the poor.

We are the most exceptional nation in the world since we offer the most exceptional candidates for public office. If ignorance was a virtue, our candidates for public office would all be saints in heaven. Once there were giants in this land, Abraham Lincoln or Theodore Roosevelt or George Washington or Franklin Roosevelt, today, we have Christine O’Donnell and Sarah Palin! You have to admit, how many countries in this world have such a class of low grade morons running for public office?

Oh, and how many have a gorilla from Africa as their president?