Is Anders Behring Breivik Insane?

A great debate has begun as to whether Norwegian mass murderer, Ander Breivik is insane. His lawyer, Geir Lippestrad insist the young man is insane and has no idea as to the reaction of the world to his actions. He termed his client to be a “cold person” who used drugs in order to be strong, efficient and awake for the tasks at hand. Anders wants to save Europe from a growing fear that one day Islam will take over the European Union and force all people to become Muslims. In one respect, he regards himself as “savior” whose destiny is to save the world from the perils of Islam.

If Anders is insane, then what about:

1. Republican congressmen who insist by firing people the end result is more people have jobs?

2. Michele Bachmann who talks to God in between bouts of migraine headaches.

3. Anders killed about 70 humans, how many thousand will die in the coming months in Somalia? Are those who refuse to take action, insane?

4. Sarah Palin who believes the entire debt issue is simply liberals trying to frighten Americans, is she insane?

5. Four million have been killed in the Congo and thousands of women raped, but no one claims these assaults are the result of insane people.

6. The US furnishes Pakistan with weapons of war which the Pakistan ISI gives to the Taliban so they can use them against US troops in Afghanistan. Who in this scenario is insane?

7. Millions of nut cases in America insist President Obama was born in Africa. Is this an example of mass insanity?