Is Antonin Scalia Really A Court Brain?

Just sabot any comment by either friends or enemies of Supreme Court Justice Scalia refer to him as “possessing a brilliant mind.” I have no first hand knowledge regarding his intellectual capacities, but I have read what this man has discussed concerning recent court cases. I have written a history of the United States of America which has required extensive reading into the formative years of this nation. After reading Justice Scalia explain his views on the immigration law one is left with the conclusion this man lacks ANY knowledge of early American history. Scalia defended state rights to establish state immigration laws. The Constitutional Convention was called to deal with weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.  Justice Scalia our Founding Fathers–who you claim to believe in– wanted an END TO STATE RIGHTS.! They opposed state laws which regulated state borders. Our Founding  Fathers wanted a strong central government which would enforce NATIONAL LAWS.

Who is this Justice? The man lacks any understanding of American constitutional history.