Is Anyone In Israel Listening To Reality?

First, to make clear my own views– I believe both Israel, Arabs, and Palestinians all have played roles in creating the current mess in the Middle East. No group gain stand aside and claim others are at fault over failure to achieve peace in the Middle East. Australia, historically, has been a staunch supporter of Israel, but decided to abstain at last week’s resolution which called upon Israel and Hamas to investigate claims in the Goldstone Report about war crimes on both sides during the Gaza invasion. Australia made clear it supports the Goldstone Report and abstained because of lack of mention of Goldstone in the resolution.

The United Kingdom also has been a firm supporter of Israel, but is now furious at the Dubai murder in which Israel agents used passports from several nations to carry out the assassination. The Israel government increasingly comes across as arrogant and unable to see problems through any other lens than that of its current government. Israelis have dug a deep bunker and retreated inside in order to block out the world. Sorry, the world is growing tired of a government that will not NOW make efforts at peace.

  • wags101

    Israel did commit war crimes last Dec. in Palestine, against a helpless people, women and children. It’s in the Goldstone report for the world to see. Of course, Israel will not accept the report but some of their own soldiers spoke out against the raids into Palestine.
    israel has never wanted peace, they’ve always preferred war and land grabs. Now they are encroaching even furter into the West Bank and grabing Holy Sites that belong to the Palestinian people. THEY are a terrorist group and should be having sanctions against them.

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  • James

    Contrary to the assertions of Goldstone, Hamas did use Palestinian civilians as human shields.
    Israel did not deliberately target the civilian population of Gaza and, in fact, made efforts to prevent civilian casualties that no other army in the world would have done.