Is Anyone Insane?

Anders Breivik  was the young man who decided to kill over 70 other young people in the name of  saving them from the evils of Muslim terrorists. A new psychiatric examination has concluded that Anders is not insane and that he was fully conscious of his actions. Anders admits he did the killings but insists they were necessary in order to save Europe from evil forces. This conclusion  raises issues as to who is or is not insane. For example:

Republicans insist that by cutting revenue there will be more money to pay down the debt. Is this insanity?

Republicans insist by firing people it results in more jobs for people. Is this an example of insanity?

Republicans are against Sharia law in the United States even though there is no opportunity for any Muslim group to gain political power. Is this an example of insanity?

Republicans insist America has the best health care system in the world even though 24 other nations enjoy longer life expectancy. Is this an example of insanity?

Over forty million Americans currentlylack access to health insurance, but Republicans insist “market forces” will lead to health care for all. Is this an example of insanity?