Is Avatar Dangerous To Your Health?

As a life long lover of science fiction and firm believer that aliens are friendly life forms, unlike we Earthians, I welcomed the new Avatar film. However, many people in China find the film dangerous to their health. There are reports of viewers complaining about eye ache, dizziness and even vomiting. A Chinese newspaper reported a middle aged woman wound up in the hospital complaining she was barely able to stand straight after seeing the film. I do not know if this reaction is good or bad news to director James Cameron, but it certainly was not his goal in making the film. Doctors at the Chinese-Japanese Friendship Hospital insist watching a 3 D film is not dangerous to your health. But, says Dr. Wang Wei, “people need to constantly adjust their eye structure” and treat what they view as a real 3D effect.

I often wonder what life forms out there in the universe make of our TV images which are going out into space. I am convinced after watching Earth news reports and TV shows they have decided to steer clear of this strange planet with its exotic and weird life forms. As of this date, I have not received any reports from inhabitants of Avatar as to their reaction to the film.