A common mantra of business leaders and the Republican party is the need to get someone as president who is not anti-business. They assert that Barack Obama does not like business people and that his policies make them uneasy and hesitant to invest in new jobs. Perhaps, my mind is slipping a wee bit now that I am 80 years old, but I somehow recall that President Obama provided financial aid to the automobile industry and prevented the collapse of General Motors as well as hundreds of business enterprises which supply parts for making cars. As I recall, last December, Wall Street folk paid out about $140 BILLION end of year bonus payments the neglected and disparaged men and women of Wall Street. I believe the current estimate is that American business enterprises are sitting on over $1 TRILLION that could be invested, but is not. The tax rate in America is at the lowest level in over half a century, but business believes it is being persecuted. The top five percent of wealthy people control about 50% of the nation’s wealth under the Socialist regime of Barack Obama. Imagine if the USA was led by a believer in Capitalism?

The typical American businessman is selfish, self centered and wanders the land with a sense of being persecuted. Reality is they will probably use the $1 TRILLION on investments overseas where their labor costs are lower. They don’t give a shit about the American people. They are the narcissistic generation of business leaders. Barack Obama has kissed their ass, but they are not satisfied. What next–do they want some sucking from the president?