Is Bell Tolling For Taliban?

The Taliban was a creation during the 1990s of the Pakistan secret service, the ISI which was interested in extending the influence of their nation into Afghanistan. Little did they realize the Frankenstein they had invented would one day come back to haunt them in their native land. It has taken years for the Pakistan military to finally realize the monster they created is now interested in devouring its creator. As Pakistan armed forces fight their way into the Swat Valley in order to eliminate Taliban insurgents, the Taliban is reacting with a series of bombing attacks on Pakistan cities. The Taliban in Pakistan is claiming responsibility for the bombings in Lahore which killed 30 and wounded over 200 people. The militants threw grenades into the offices of the police and a top intelligence agency as well as exploding a van .

The ironic aspect of this assault is sad. The Taliban are now directly attacking the security agency which gave it birth. New Taliban groups are springing up all over Pakistan and it is finally dawning on the people of Pakistan that the United States is not their enemy, but their own people are their enemy.