Is Bias Ever OK?

Many nations over the past twenty or thirty years have instituted affirmative action programs in order to assist women securing an even playing field when seeking entry to colleges. At present in Sweden, about 60 percent of students are women which has resulted in the strange situation in which many Swedish colleges have affirmative action programs to ensure there is an equal ratio of men and women in academic programs. Tobias Krantz, minister of higher education has called for an end to affirmative action and a return to the concept that a higher grade counts regardless of whether the person is male or female.

Reality is that women tend to score higher grades than men in many aspects of the academic world. Ironically, affirmative action was a desired goal when women faced discrimination, but apparently, when males are the underdog, affirmative action is regarded as unfair to those with higher grades. Sorry, there is always room for some aspects of affirmative action because in the real world there is never an even playing field.