Is Bibi Thinking Rationally?

Every so often an item appears which indicates Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is focusing his mind on strategies for resolving issues with Palestinians. Even he could not accept the nut cases who dominate Israel’s religious fanatics who seek a law in the Knesset that makes legal seizure of Palestinian land that was taken by West Bank settlers. Of course, they took the land under orders of God himself. In their twisted minds, whatever evil action committed it is justified because “God told me to do it!”

Netanyahu ordered members of his Cabinet to vote against the proposed legislation. This proposed law would RETROACTIVELY make legal land taken away from Palestinian owners. Who are these settlers? They claim to be Jews. But, Jews had property and land stolen by Christians! Ask Jews who returned to Poland in 1945 only to discover their property had been taken by Polish Christians. Of course, a few hundred Jews were then killed because they wanted return of their land.

2012. JEWS seek taking land from Palestinians!