Is Blast Away OK?

The world of 2013 is rather different from the past. Anyone can simply post a picture or comment or threat about anyone and possibly arouse some person, somewhere in the world to take action. A Salafist decided to focus on Danes that he did not like and posted pictures of men with guns blasting away at targets of Danes who were regarded as enemies of the “people.” I assume by “the people” he means those who adhere to what is considered to be valid Muslim beliefs. Salafist Abu Khattab uploaded his video and, I assume, he wants someone, somewhere to get a rifle and blast away at either one of six prominent Danish critics of fundamentalist Muslims. Four armed rebels aim at the photos of six Danes.

The video and photos raise new questions pertaining to freedom of the press. Imam Ahmed Akkari, one of the Danes among the photos is shocked. He wants Danish Muslims to distance themselves from such threats of violence. “In what direction are they trying to lead our children’s thoughts?” Very simple, in the direction of murder!