Is Burma Nuclear Bound?

Burma, or if you prefer, Myanmar, is ruled by a gang of thugs who exploit the nation for their own greedy desires and needs. As a result the entire nation has been impoverished and higher education downgraded in a society in which obedience is valued over intellectual competence. Therefore, it is rather shocking to learn from a dissident major who left the Burmese army that his nation is experimenting with nuclear and missile technology. The Democratic Voice of Burma, which operates from Norway, reports there is documentary and photo evidence to support allegations from former major Sai Thein Win that some sort of secret program is proceeding in Myanmar to develop nuclear potential as well as guided missiles. If this is true, it most probably is a result of assistance from North Korea which is willing to sell its own knowledge in these areas to the highest bidder. Win claims he worked in secret locations where he was ordered to develop prototypes in nuclear weaponry as well as guided missiles.

Major Win is most probably accurate in claiming that Burma seeks competence in these areas. But, it is at least a decade away from seeking to achieving given lack of top flight scientists in Burma. The problem once again lies with refusal on the part of China to use its influence to temper the aggressive behavior of Burmese leaders.