Is California The Future?

Mexico is in virtual chaos due to drug wars raging between rival gangs and the past weekend massacre of fifteen young people at a party is undoubtedly linked to one drug lord or another. California is the first state in this nation which has the courage to confront the stupidity of our drug laws that have transformed ordinary honest citizens into criminals. Prohibition did the same for a decade and the result was lawlessness and corruption of police forces and government. Proposition 19 will be a California referendum issue this November. If adopted, it will be legal in California for those 21 years or older to grow or possess marijuana and it would allow local government to license and tax retail outlets which are selling marijuana. An estimated $2 billion will be collected by the government.

The United States did NOT have any drug laws until 1914 when the initial ones were passed in order to criminalize Chinese immigrants who smoked opium. In reality, marijuana in this country is available to anyone. Reality is that middle class people who use drugs rarely wind up in court, and the 750,000 currently in jails for drug offenses are either from poor white or black and Hispanic backgrounds.

Let common sense rule. Allow California to take the first step in ending Mexican drug lords. Legalize drugs and end our madness.