Is Cameron A Loudmouth Of A Loudspeaker?

During the past few days, British Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken bluntly to leaders of Israel and Pakistan concerning their failure to work for peace and charged their inaction has resulted in the spread of violence, not in its reduction. David Miliband, former foreign secretary under Gordon Brown, is upset at the manner in which a British leader speaks to heads of state in other nations. Cameron told Pakistan that its government did not have the right to promote the spread of terrorism.” Miliband argues there is a “big difference between straight talking and being a loudmouth.” Fair enough. But, Miliband has to deal with the reality that for over nine years, Pakistan’s government has been aiding the Taliban which results in death for American and UK soldiers. At what point does the prime minister of England keep his mouth shut when effort after effort to gain cooperation from Pakistan have failed? As Cameron notes, “I don’t think the British taxpayer wants me to go around the world saying what people want to hear.”

Barack Obama has refused to speak in honest terms to Pakistan and Israel leaders. They must know continued refusal to assist forces seeking peace will result in action by the United States. David Cameron is finally making clear to men like Netanyahu and to leaders of Pakistan that stubborn refusal to work for peace will result in action on the part of the United Kingdom. Those are not the words of a loudmouth, those are the words of honesty. If people like Netanyahu can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen of leadership.