Is China A Military Menace?

Conservatives and the right wing media are up in arms at the growing military power of China and demand that President Obama increase our armed might in the Pacific. Of course, these are the same people who want to reduce government expenditures and fire members of the government. As I understand it, those in our military forces are government employees. Since 1970, the Communist government of China has not fought in any war. Since 1970 the US has been engaged in fighting in Vietnam, supplied arms to Muslims rebels fighting in Afghanistan, invaded Iraq during the Gulf  War, invaded Afghanistan in 2001 and invaded Iraq in 2003.

The Chinese government will increase its military budget to about $101 billion. If one adds up all American military spending for a year it comes to over $600 billion. The US possesses the best air force in the world, the best navy in the world and probably the best trained and equipped army in the world.

Knock off this talk about China, that nation is years away from having any armed force that would match that of the USA.