Is Elena Kagan Anti-Military?

Former Dean Elena Kagan has been nominated for a position on the Supreme Court, but Republicans are ready to thrust their daggers of hate into her heart. Kagan, while Dean of the Harvard Law School explained why she had to over-turn a ban on military recruiters which had been established due to the infamous, “don’t ask, don’t tell,” policy which was aimed at gays and lesbians. The Solomon Amendment denied federal funds to schools which banned recruiters. Once the Solomon Amendment was held to be unconstitutional, she imposed the ban. According to former Attorney General, under Nixon, Edward Meese, “she tried essentially to challenge the law and tried to get the Supreme Court to overrule what was a valid determination of policy by Congress.” Excuse me, but every action in pursuit of ending segregation in the South had to challenge a “determination of policy” by a state legislature!!

As far as one can determine, she obeyed the law and when it was changed acted in accordance of the desires of students at Harvard. I am certain, it she had been against gays, there would be Republicans now condemning her bigotry.