Is Enough, Enough??

At any moment in the week there are at least over 200,000,000 people who can be classified as “refugees” who left their homes in search of safety or work in some other country. The tiny island of Malta is complaining because thousands of refugees from Somalia and other parts of Africa are seeking refuge on this tiny piece of land. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat argues that his nation simply lacks room or an economic system capable of generating work for so many refugees from Somalia and wants them flown back to the continent of Africa. The European Court of Human Rights insists that Malta accept all refugees, but the EU will not provide economic assistance for this task.

It is one thing to offer lectures concerning human rights, it is another to provide work opportunities or economic assistance to confront the issues of  refugees. Reality-sending refugees from Somalia or Ethiopia back home is an invitation to death for many. Allowing them to reside on a small island is a huge economic burden for the people of Malta. Time for common sense or common decency such as financial assistance!