Is Ethiopia Entering Somalia?

The legacy of George Bush lives on and on. In the fall of 2007, Bush encouraged Ethiopia to invade Somalia in order to overthrow an Islamist government. Christian Ethiopia invaded Somalia and destroyed the Islamist government which was replaced by a weak Islamist government. During the ensuing years civil war raged in Somalia as most groups wanted to rid themselves of the Christian Ethiopian invaders. Finally, a few months ago, the Ethiopian army left and a new war broke out in which Islamist groups, including those affiliated with al-Qaeda, have been gaining power.

Witnesses on the border of Ethiopia and Somalia claim Ethiopian troops have crossed over and are establishing check points on roads and in villages. The Ethiopian government denies their presence although its Communication Minister Bereket Simon notes his nation is “not contemplating going back there for the moment.” African Union sources suggest they will return because Ethiopia fears an Islamist force on its border that might stir up Muslims in their nation.

It’s a mess.