Is Europe Anti-Catholic?

A former Polish prime minister, Jroslav Kaczynski told a recent audience there was a climate of anti-Christianity in the once solidly Christian Europe. “If Europe is to be strong, it has to be Christian. And today, it is anti-Christian and especially anti-Catholic.” There is something ironic concerning comments about the anti-Christian attitude that he believes is common in Europe. Unfortunately, Mr. Kaczynski does not offer any explanation for this turn of events. Which factors or ideas have resulted in this supposedly anti-Christian attitude emerging? Perhaps, one explanation for what he terms “anti-Catholic” stems from the inability of the Catholic Church to recognize the modern world and make adjustments to fit into it. The idea of a celibate priest or nun simply doesn’t fit into contemporary thinking. Of course, the concept of celibacy only came to the church after hundreds of years had passed from the death of Christ.

Perhaps, the people of Europe are not so much “anti-Christian” as having a different conception as to the meaning of Christianity. Perhaps, the stumbling bumbling behavior of the current Pope reflects his inability to grasp the nature of how Catholics think in the year 2009? Pope John XXIII stirred Catholics forty years ago, but none of his successors could build on the exciting ideas of this dynamic leader.