Is F A F Word To Be Heard On TV?

It is great news that America’s Supreme Court is going to address issues of usage by television stations of the “F-word.” Chief Justice John Roberts declared “all we are asking for, what the government is asking for, is a few channels where you… are not going to hear the “S-word,” the “F-Word” so children can go to bed without being offended. He pointed out there are hundreds of other channels where one can display nudity, shout curses, and fuck around all you desire.

Lawyers for major broadcast networks want to have their organization’s not longer bound by indecency restrictions. They argue use of the “F-word” is a constitutional right. Justice Scalia, who has nine kids(one must assume that while he does not like use of the “F-word,” he does enjoy doing a little fucking) wants a modicum of decency.

The “F-word” is one thing, but what about all those fucking programs about losing weight, jumping off bridges and making an ass of oneself? Do they represent decency?