Is Fiji On Your Mind?

I realize there are momentous issues confronting the average American and even suggesting paying attention to events on the island of Fiji probably do not stir anyone’s enthusiasm. After all, we have presidential candidates in America who believe the most important topic this nation must address is whether women have access to contraceptives. But, over in Fiji, they are dealing with REAL issues.  Fiji leader, Commodore Frank Bainimaerawara(sorry, I don’t know if he heads the navy or some canoes) announced the end of the Great Councils of Chiefs. “The Great Council of Chiefs is a product of our colonial past and Fiji must now focus on a future in which all Fijians are represented on the same level.”

Gee, I wish the commodore could come to America. Imagine a nation in which all people are equal in terms of political power! I realize America is not Fiji, but I sure wish we could abolish the Great Council of Corporate Leaders who use money to gain power. Commodore, Frank, please come to America!!