Is France Covering Up?

The decision by the French government to make it a crime for women to wear a veil in public places is defended by those who regard the Muslim veil women wear as a sign of oppression. They argue action to prevent women from wearing the veil is, in essence, a defense of their right to be equal to men. Defending the new French law is viewed as a defense of women’s rights since they must enjoy the same rights as men if there is to be real equality in a society. This view point regards the law as a progressive attempt to further the cause of women’s rights.

There is scant doubt that in many Muslim societies women lack the same rights as do men whether as in Saudi Arabia where they are denied the right to drive a car or in many Muslim nations where they are forced to live in a household containing their husband’s other wives. Women do not enjoy equal rights in all too many Muslim nations. However, there s another aspect to the French law. Do women have the right to make decisions about their faces? In America, many argue women do not have the right to control their bodies and society has the right to deny an abortion. At which point does government intrude into the lives of women and set their dress attire?

France does not have laws which deny Muslim women their rights to work, drive cars, obtain a divorce, retain control over children, etc.. Muslim women in France have equality. If they are equal, why are they denied the right to decide what they wear? On many streets of France men wear motorcyle face coverings and not one protests. Let women decide the veil if France is a free nation.