Is God Angry At Republicans??

Republicans are always awarding credit to God if they do something right or they believe God spends his/her/its time worrying about what is on the mind of  Sarah Palin or Michele or Newt or Mitt. Hurricane Isaac is headed for the Florida Republican convention which one must assume is a message from God to the American people that He is angry at Republicans. Mitt wants to tell his story, but the media will be rushing off to cover the hurricane.

Ron Paul is ready to openly express his distaste for Mitt. Mike Huckabee is busy defending Todd Akin, there is a hurricane which means President Obama will be rushing around offering aid to Republican governors even as they decry ‘THE GOVERNMENT. Of course, they hate ‘THE GOVERNMENT

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  • Jimmie Cooper Boswell

    well ever since G-D’S Son became discussted, and actually left the republican party. i would say, that TheFATHER is angry at them too. but i would not be, so quick to say that G-D’S Son is for the democrat party either. since he would rather be dead, than become an american communist against G-D. and i have also departed from, the american versions of the san hedreens too. and since WE are no longer wanted in your, schools WE have left them too. so you can have your, religious established schools with the devil government again.

  • Jimmie Cooper Boswell

    well since G-D hates, your government against HIM here in TheTorah. i would say, all of america is in trouble during this second coming of Adam.
    in this mindless world of deaf and dumb, that still can’t predict what happens next, after G-D has Adam put to death here in TheTorah happening.

  • Jimmie Cooper Boswell

    disgusted, should of been.