Is Greece In Your Portfolio?

The nation of Greece is bankrupt and ready to sell a good hunk of its infrastructure to the highest bidder. The Greek government is ready to sell highways, power plants, airports, ports and  even some of its 6,000 islands to those seeking to own a piece of this nation. I am not quite clear as to whether Greek citizens come along with the island. Do I get to have Greeks as my servants when I own an island or do I decide who gets on an airplane when the place is mine?

Of course, there is talk in Congress by opponents of illegal immigrants from Mexico to purchase some Greek islands and settle them  with illegal immigrants currently residing in the USA. I would suggest that once on the islands, those illegals should elect Ron Paul as their president and Rick Santorum as their vice president. Both these men have close connections with God.

If these illegals take over Greek islands can they install custom officials who would decide whether to allow American tourists to enter?