Is Honesty The Best Policy?

In my youth, many, many years ago, we had a mayor in New York City named Fiorello La Guardia who was about five feet four inches tall and a man noted for his incredible honesty. Each week anyone could call him during a radio broadcast he had with the city population. On more than one occasion, he would bluntly say, “when I make a mistake, it’s a beaut” and go on to explain an error on his part. The American president, Harry Truman had a sign on his desk which said: “The Buck Stops Here.” Voters in the United Kingdom have told pollsters they do not believe anything being said by Prime Minister Gordon Brown or his opponent in the upcoming election, David Cameron. Voters believe all politicians are lying to them about the economic crisis facing their nation.

The sadness of so much of modern politics is loss of faith by voters in their supposed leaders. If Gordon Brown will simply admit, “I’ve made mistakes, and they have been terrible for this nation. I am prepared to change policies, and let me give you some examples,” then he will win the election.