Is Incest A Crime?

We inhabit a world in which sex is rampant and  people of every shape, size, age and ethnic or racial composition engage in having a good time with one another. Richard Finlayson, 21 and his sister, Kristie had sex in a railroad station where she had gone to meet her brother on his return home. Kristy was seventeen at the time and claimed, “I was basically homeless, drunk, and needed help. I just can’t remember what happened.” Richard claims she came on to him and for some reason he reciprocated the approaches.

Incest throughout human history has been one of those injunctions which the tribe imposed on all within its confine. Most probably, way, way back in time there must have been some incest, but the process of ending it is lost to history. Scientists argue it was necessary to establish prohibitions in order to maintain the health and welfare of the human race. Of course, today, we have a different form of incest. Wealthy people fuck their fellow Americans just about every day in the week.

Is it time to establish a prohibition against incest against fellow Americans?