Is Integration Working In Sweden?

There is a growing controversy in Sweden over the fact that many areas of the nation possess high concentrations of immigrants and this raises questions as to whether integration is succeeding in the nation. Anders Lago, Mayor of Soertaije, believes “what the statistics show is that our integration policies have totally failed” and noted how many districts might have as high as 84% of its inhabitants be from other nations.

Sweden is experiencing what nations like the United States have confronted for over 150 years. It may be too quick to rush to judgments as to whether integration polices have failed. It is normal for immigrants initially to head for areas where they can find fellow-countrymen and this might necessitate a few decades of living with your own kind. However, it is in the generation of those born in a society where one learns about success or failure of integration. If children feel “Swedish” then integration is on the road to success.