Is Iran Model For Israel?

Hundreds of human rights activists are flying into Ben Gurion airport in Israel in order to go to the West Bank where they seek to support  human rights. The Israel government is furious at attempts by outside groups to check on such vital national secrets as human rights.  Public Security Minister Yitzhak Ahranovich argues that a nation has a right to decide who can enter its border. He regards these human rights folk as a threat to the survival of Israel.

It is ironic that the Israel government now uses the same arguments as what is stated in Iran. Iran says it will not allow in any who are interested in human rights and Israel makes the same argument. Perhaps, it is time for the “democracy” of Israel to form an alliance with the “democracy”of Iran since both fear people entering who support human rights.

It would make sense for the Israel government to greet these visitors, offer them the right to travel anywhere, and express a desire to read any report they wish to present. THAT is how a democracy  functions.