Is Iraq A Safe Place For A Return Visit?

Thousands of people have fled Iraq in order to escape the madness of bombings, killings, kidnappings and persecution. They ordinarily have sought refuge in other nations where, as time passes, they have adjusted and attempted to become members of another society. Iraqi refugees in the Netherlands are trying to make sense of the news that arrived in the mail. A letter from the Immigration Department of the Netherlands informs them now that law and order have returned to Iraq, they should consider leaving the Netherlands and returning home. Zaid Al-Hilli read the letter with a trembling voice and could only sigh and comment: “In Baghdad, people are still being killed by car bombs. There is looting. Children are being kidnapped. If I have to go back, I will be killed.”

Thousands of Iraqis in the Netherlands or anyone of a number of European nations could make the same comment. Yes, American soldiers will be leaving in 2011, but that is not good news for those fearing persecution in Iraq. Since the Bush invasion in 2003, at least half of Christians in Iraq have fled for their lives.

Isn’t it wonderful that George Bush wants to spread democracy around the world!