Is Israel Finally Facing Reality?

Prime Minister Olmert of Israel as he quietly departs from his position in leadership finally has become the first Israel leader in years to speak the truth about what must be done in order to achieve peace with Arab nations. Israel leaders are seriously considering a Saudi Arabia proposal which entails the abandonment of land Israel took in the 1967 war in exchange for peace. Defense minister Ehud Barak said he had discussed the land-for-peace proposal with Tzipi Livni who will become the new prime minister. Saudi Arabia first made this proposal in 2002 and it was accepted by the 27 member Arab League.

Barak indicated his interest in the proposal by saying, “there is definitely room to introduce a comprehensive Israel plan to counter the Saudi plan that would be the basis for a discussion on overall regional peace.” Most probably a sticking point for an agreement will be Israel desire to maintain control of pieces of the West Bank which currently are home to right wing conservative Israelis.

  • Abe Bird

    Reality? Really? It is at the most you “reality” and some Israeli “peaceniks” that failed to accomplish their mission for peace.

    May it’s your reality but not the Middle East reality. Olmert is in the end of his political role and he might say what ever he chooses. Israel started that political course with Camp David agreement which failed to be fulfilled mainly by the Arab side.
    Arab Palestinian conflict. Generally, my view is that the only solution in to cut the one and great Palestine in two: Jordan as an Arab Palestinian state and Israel as a Jewish Palestinian state with the Jordan river as the border in between. Arabs will vote for Amman’ Parliament and Jews will vote for Jerusalem’s Knesset, and each one will be citizens in their national state and inhabitants at their home town. The daily life won’t gonna changed but the political aspirations will meet the needs of both peoples.

    The 2 states solution is The Palestinian Jordan dwelled from the Arabian Desert in the east to the Jordan River it the west, and the Palestinian Jewish state of Israel from the Jordan River in the east to the sea shore in the west. There is no any other way to divide the small historical Palestine for two peoples. Jews in both states will vote for the Knesset in Jerusalem and Arabs in both states will vote for the Parliament in Amman. This is the basic and only promised solution for solving the continuous conflict between Arabs and Jews.

    We all have to remember that Arab Palestinians want Israeli land but not Jews to live on it! So both peoples have to be separated de Iure, and keep living the de facto with minimum changes in population’s moving. But if the Arabs still continue launching their war against the Jews, and still eager to wage their war, they are all should be moved to Palestinian Jordan and leave the western part of Palestine for the Jews.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Perhaps, you ignore(1) there are nearly one million Arab Israelis,(2) The west bank was supposed to be part of the Arab Palestine.