Is Israel Planning A Gaza Invasion?

Reports are circulating that once the upcoming Annapolis Conference is concluded, the Israel army is ready to launch an invasion of the Gaza Strip in order to assume control of the Phladelphi Corridor through which Hamas has been smuggling weapons and money via tunnels that allow individuals to cross over from the
Egyptian side of the border. Al-Quds-Al-Arabi reports this information has been given not merely to Palestinian authorities but to several nations, most probably to Egypt. President Abbas of Palestine is reported to be upset at the planned incursion which he fears will result in complete collapse of Gaz’s infrastructure and result in chaos and increased poverty to its inhabitants.

Perhaps, prior to such an invasion, it might be worthwhile to invite Hamas to Annapolis and place on the agenda the issue of smuggling of weapons. Hamas would then be compelled before an audience of fellow Arab nations to justify allowing weapons to enter. There is a possibility some resolution of the much needed ban on weapons could emerge from such a discussion. What exactly is there to lose by discussing the weapon issue in public before an Arab audience?