Is Israel Seeking Peace Treaty With Syria?

It has become a byproduct of the Israel-Palestinian conflict for reports to circulate every few months about a seceret Israel initiative to Syria. an Israel government official, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, hinted his nation might be planing to hold secret talks with Syria in an effort to end their long standing dispute over the Golan Heights. “All efforts are bing made to bring Syria to the ngotiating table,” he noted, “to sign a peace treaty.” Prime Minister Olmert has told German diplomats he is ready to negotiate with Syria provided as part of the talks, Syrian gives a commitment to cease providing aid to Hizbullah and Hamas.

These supposed talks have been on and off again for nearly twenty years and in each case, rumors of a get together began with hints of “sceret discussions.” Perhaps, it is time to cease having “secret rumor talks” and openly announce Israel’s intention to enter negotiations with Syria. It might even be interesting to include Hamas and Hizbullah representatives at such a meeting in order to get all sides together that are impacted by any peace treaty.

  • Walter77777

    It might be interesting to have Hamas and Hizbullah at meetings between Syria and Israel, but it might not be profitable.

    Both Hamas and Hizbulah have stated goals that include the destruction of Israel as a Jewish State and the removal of all Jews from the land.
    Until these organizations change their goals to include some sort of co-existence with the Jewish state ther is little to discuss.

    Almost everything may be negotiated — except the continued existence of Israel.


  • Fred Stopsky

    The Communist Soviet Union’s goal was destruction of all capitalist nations. We were allies and we negotiated even during the worse of times. America refused to have any relations with Communist China and finally we began talking. Why is Irael’s situation any different? As far, as I know the Soviet Union never said they were abandoning their goal of destroying capitalist nations.

  • NatetheGrate

    Fred, what are you talking about in your comment? It’s illogical. The reason Hamas and Hezbollah are not part of the negotiations is that they reject the very idea of a peace process. I certainly understand why Israel might not want to talk to them, but that is not the case here. Israel would surely negotiate with them if they were serious about giving up their irrational hatred of the Jewish people, who actually are their brothers. The Middle East struggle is at its most basic a primal, instinctive thing, but it can’t be fixed if only one side realizes it. The light bulb has to want to change.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Of course it takes two to tango. if we accept your logic then no peace is ever possible in the Middle East. My point is simple, seeking as a “precondition” to talks that the other side agree to your demands leads no place. The United States and the Soviet Union negotiated for years even though both parties thought the other was going to wipe it off the planet. The United States refused to talk with Communist China for two decades until Nixon, the notorious hater of Communist China, went to China and began to talk– over the next thirty years the two nations eventually formed ways of living with one another. Israel should talk with Hamas and Hizbullah, and, hopefully, over the coming decade the dynamics of hate will lessen. The current sound of silence only produce sounds of violence.