Is It A Boy? Is It A Girl? Ask Him/Her

Liu Zhu was born in China and his birth certificate says he is a boy, but the young man has considered himself a herself since high school days. He is now a cross dressing competitor in the Chinese TV 2010 Happy Boys, the equivalent of the TV show, Super Girls. His cross dressing performance drew raves of approval from fans who now call him/her the “pseudo girl” and have made her/him a national icon. The nation’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television(SARFT) demands the media present a positive image to the people and is concerned about any image that might alter that image. The real question is whether allowing Zhuy to accentuate the cross-dressing deactivates the positive image that is desired.

The show producers claim they have yet to hear from SARFT and, as far as they are concerned, Zhu is still in competition to make the top 300 who go on to the next round. As far as Zhu is concerned, she/he/them is busy preparing self composed songs and getting the dresses ready to be shown.