Is It Blasphemous To Ban Blasphemy?

Historically, the nation of Indonesia has been a model for multi-religious freedom and people of all faiths have lived peacefully with one another, but there appear to be changes. Along with Pakistan, there has been an outbreak of case after case in which a Christian is charged with uttering blasphemy toward the Muslim religion. Ironically, I have yet to come across any incidents in which Muslims are charged with uttering blasphemy against members of Christian churches. Antonious Richmond Bawenga is currently on trial in indonesia for uttering some words against those who are Muslims about their religion. Even as the trial takes place, mobs destroyed three Christian churches. By definition, if one is a Christian then the person does not agree with Muslim ideas and if the individual defends his religion, by definition, he is guilty of blasphemy.

There is something sad about the recent outbreaks of hate and violence toward Christians and those who do not adhere to mainstream Muslim ideas. In a sense as the world moves on, people in Muslim nations like Indonesia and Pakistan move back in time.