Is It Blasphemy To Mock Religion?

Many Muslim nations still have not gotten over the publication of some cartoons they believe mocked the Prophet Muhammad. Nations like Algeria and Pakistan have undertaken a campaign to have the UN General Assembly pass a treaty that would not allow religions to be mocked or satirized. They want an international protocol governing what can be published or –what can be said about religion. Under the Pakistan proposal, nations would “prohibit by law the uttering of maters that are grossly abusive or insulting to matters held sacred by any religion.” Of course, it is not clear who decides what is or is not “grossly abusive.” I assume Muslims would turn this decision over to some nice Muslim clerics and I assume the penalty would be a stoning to death.

There is one problem that apparently has escaped the eyes of those proposing this law. Go to any newstand in any Muslim nation and there are bound to be daily newspaper and magazines which depict Judaism as a horrible religion. Does this mean we will have daily stoning to death of Muslim clerics?

On second thought it might be more beneficial for Muslims to live with the cartoons.