Is It For These Men Our Soldiers Die??

American and European soldiers are fighting to defend the “freedom” of Afghanistan, but after reviewing what passes for “democracy” in the Afghanistan parliament one is left wondering whether it would be just as bad if the Taliban were back in power. After nations throughout the world condemned the unfair conviction of a young reporter whose crime consisted of downloading information concerning women rights, President Karzai bowed to the furor and granted him a pardon. Afghanistan’s upper house responded by exploding in anger at the pardon. It demanded that Sayed Perwiz Kambakhsh finish out the 20 year term.

The upper house expressed “its strongest concerns and annoyance and considers this decision contrary to the Islamic values and the laws in place in this country.” OK, so how is this demand any different from that which would come from the Taliban? Why are we fighting to defend a group of backward, vicious men who want power to suppress the rights of women– just like the Taliban!