Is It Much Ado About Nothing With Pope And Anglicans?

Pope Benedict XVI reached out to Anglicans who were disturbed about efforts of some in their religion who wanted to allow gays and women to not only be part of their religion, but able to become members of its clergy. The Pope offered to allow Anglicans to return to Catholicism, maintain some of their religious practices, and even offer an opportunity for Anglican priests to become Catholic priests even though they were married –but never to become a Bishop which, remains the province of single men. Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, expressed displeasure with the Pope for failing to discuss his ideas with leaders of the Anglican Church. He urged Archbishop Rowan Williams to make known the anger of Anglicans concerning the manner in which the Pope made his outreach.

Williams is much calmer and notes his church has weathered other storms and is still around. Anglicans do share many ideas with Catholics although while agreeing on the evil of divorce, they accept laws of the country allowing it. We can assume some Anglicans will become Catholic. Too bad, some Catholic clergy can’t get married and become Anglican priests.