Is It Noble To Fight Wars?

The ceremony is over, the speech has been given and President Barack Obama is headed back to Washington to deal with more important matters than talking about the beauty of peace. Arguments over whether or not he should have received the Nobel Prize for peace will no longer dominate the world media. He has the prize and it will soon be safe in America. Conservative critics most probably will keep this story alive for several months while they declaim about the horror of awarding a peace award to a novice in the business of war and peace. After all, no peace prize was ever given George Bush even though he expanded parameters of war tenfold more than Obama. No peace prize was given Dick Cheney even though he ensured thousands would die over non existent WMD.

Oh, did I get something wrong? I thought the Nobel Peace prize was given to the individual who did the most to make certain there was no peace? Barack Obama is a nice man, he wants peace and certainly having the desire to fight for peace using the mechanism of war entitles an individual to some recognition. The Obama peace award reminds me of the American officer during the Vietnam war who said he had to destroy the village in order to save the people. I guess if he was alive today he would be in Stockhold on a stage.