Is It OK For Corpses To Have Sex?

In the midst of war, famine, drought, terrorism, a new controversy has arisen in Germany because an artist displayed his work which includes scenes of corpses having sex with one another. Gunther von Hagens latest exhibition shows two corpses engaged in sex which the artist insists mainly concerns issues of biology and has nothing to do with sex. His picture has drawn protests from politicians anxious to display they are prepared to defend their nation against the rise of corpses, particularly those who still want to spread the evil of sex without marriage. According to MP Fritz Felgentreu, “love and death are obvious topics for art, but I find it quite disgusting to use them in this way.” Undoubtedly, the member of parliament will run on a campaign to end sex in the graveyard.

Frankly, if a male corpse can get it up and impregnate a female corpse it proves this particular man really has the ability to keep a firm grip on his body even after death. Arise corpses of the world, you have nothing to lose but your virginity!