Is It OK In USA To Lie?

Xavier Alvarez is a liar. He has claimed to be a Marine wounded in war and thus awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. The United States government argues that Mr. Alvarez by lying cheapens the meaning of the nation’s highest military award. Let me get this straight. It is now illegal to lie? How about:

1. Republicans claim President Obama was born in Africa and is a Muslim. Certainly, that lie cheapens the office of the presidency.

2. Republicans claim by firing people one creates more jobs. I think such thinking cheapens the life of millions of workers in this country.

3. Every time Rick Santorum discusses history it is one continuous lie.

If false speech is a crime, lock up the entire cadre of people running for the Republican nomination for president. Free speech means the right to lie. Free speech means the right to spout nonsense. Fifty years ago men  lied about their homosexuality because if they spoke the truth, they would lose their jobs. Let us pronounce the right to LIE in order to prevent the entire group of Republican presidential candidates from going to jail.

Then again, locking them up would certainly prove a value to this nation.