Is It Opposition Time In Putin’s Russia?

In the world of Vladmir Putin, there is Vladmir Putin and his correct view on just about every issue in the world. The Russian president has rarely entertained ideas from opposition leaders, let alone even giving them an equal opportunity to win an election. As he prepares to abandon the post of president and switch to that of prime minister, Putin decided to try a new approach– actually meeting with a political opponent and listening to his ideas. He met yesterday with Gregory Yavlinsky, the tough-talking fiercely independent critic. The Yabloko leader said he had raised issues with Putin concerning electoral issues which many others have voiced. Yavlinsky has previously emphasized his refusal to buckle under to any government body and this is his first meeting with Putin in over a year.

There are rumors the incoming President Medvedev might even offer positions in government to opposition leaders. It is reported Medvedev and Yavlinksy had several meetings in the past to discuss economic issues. There are also reports the Kremlin is looking for oppostion leaders who will spread the word that Medvedev is the “lesser evil” than Putin.

In dealing with issues related to the Kremlin, mystery and intrigue are all too common.