Is It Possible For An Israeli To Be A Terrorist??

Republicans have decideed to deny any form of wrong doing on the part of Israel in order to blame Democrats for being anti-Jewish. Eric Cantor and Mitt Romney claim that President Obama is the enemy of Israel and seeks to destroy it. The US State Department issued its annual list of terrorist acts and groups. It noted groups like Hezbollah and Hamas as being terrorist groups. BUT, it cited attacks by Jewish extremists on the West Bank who continually assault innocent Muslims. “Attacks by extremist Israeli settlers against Palestinian residents, property and places of worship in the West Bank continued.” For example, on Friday, Jewish settlers set fire to a taxi in Bethelem and injured six people. To make matters worse, another one of those JEW hating people, Moshe Ya’alon, Minister for Strategic  Affairs, termed the incident a “terrorist attack.”

I realize that among some Jews anyone who cites terrorism on the part of Jewish Israelis will be termed a “self hating Jew.” In their view, Jews are only the victim and therefore can not be the persecutor. If one loves Israel, then one seeks to create a society based on love and peace with all. One cannot terrorize the innocent and be a Jew!