Is It Reality TV Or Lying TV?

Future historians will be fascinated with our desire to present TV programs which depict hate and violence between people. Of course, turn on Fox News or anyone of a dozen radio and TV stations where pundits proclaim their hate of the president or Muslims or immigrants and receive millions of dollars to preach the benefits of a divided and hostile society. A new Canadian TV show, “Lake Shore” has been interviewing possible contestants who are asked “Are there any nationalities that you dislike?” in order to ascertain where they might be a neat food fight atmosphere. Roxanne Ramedani, who is of Persian heritage was asked to make anti-Semitic remarks in order to stir up some action. She does not possess any such feelings, and thus, most probably will lose her fifteen minutes of fame on TV. Many, many years ago, while working with the crew of the first 60 Minute program I was asked to allow a group of returning Vietnam war veterans I was teaching at Ft. Leonard Wood get into a “black vs white” hate discussion. I refused and thus lost my fifteen minutes of eternal fame.

There is scant doubt preaching hatred increases ratings. How about a program in which contestants vie to show how we can like one another?