Is It Scientology? Is It A Church?

Leaders of the Church of Scientology in France are being placed on trial on charges of participating in fraud. It is the second time in six years the church has faced a court in France. A woman complained she was approached in the street by someone who said he was in the Church of Scientology and he offered her a free personality test. According to the man, she failed the test because she had a poor personality that required “life enhancement” courses, plus vitamins and other pills. A second woman complained her employer was in the Church of Scientology and he pushed her into courses and in the end she wound up getting fired. The seven leaders are charged by the French government with illegal practice of pharmaceutical work because they were selling vitamins and other pills.

One can only wonder how the woman was identified as possessing a “poor personality” since two of the most famous personalities involved in the Church of Scientology are Tom Cruise and John Travolta. If those two individuals are examples of “good personalities” we can assume there are problems in the Church of Scientology’s definition of “good personalities.”