Is It Time To Force Foreign Minister Lieberman Into Silence?

Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli foreign minister whose constant irrational statements and declarations of hate toward Arabs, is a millstone around the neck of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. American diplomats do not wish to get near the mouth which roars nonsense, and his presence, even at a meeting, antagonizes Muslim leaders. Fortunately, the Israel police might assist the current government to get rid of Lieberman. Police met with the attorney general to discuss the final stage of their criminal investigation of the foreign minister. They are expected to recommend an indictment of Lieberman as soon as next week. His departure at the hands of the police frees Netanyahu of blame for getting rid of Lieberman.

The departure of Lieberman might result in members of his 15 MP group to eventually switch to other parties and stabilize the Netanyahu government by providing greater flexibility in negotiation with Arab governments. Or, Netanyahu could reach out to Labor or other groups in an effort to create a coalition government that would be prepared to attain peace.