Is Jacob Zuma Corrupt?

Jacob Zuma who undoubtedly will be elected president of South Africa in the coming weeks is suing London’s Guardian newspaper for writing defamatory articles about him and he is throwing in a law suit against Jonathan Shapiro whose cartoon depicted Zuma raping Lady Justice. Zuma says he never raped Lady Justice which is most probably accurate since Lady Justice is a metaphor which can not be raped since the person doesn’t exist. The Guardian published an article which described Zuma’s leadership style as “morally contaminated.” The South African leader is particularly upset about an article which ran under the headline: “Get used to a corrupt and chaotic South Africa. But don’t write it off.”

His lawyers insist Mr. Shapiro suggested Zuma “is a rapist.” Of course, Mr. Zuma made several remarks at his trial about using women and showed disrespect for females. Zuma will win, but will South Africa win is the only question that is of importance.